Scrub Sinks and Clean-Up Stations

Your healthcare facility can afford no risks when it comes to infection prevention. Skytron’s stainless scrub sinks and clean-up stations help keep contamination risks in-check so that you can make your clinical space safe for patients and staff.

Stainless Scrub Sinks

Convenience, Contamination Control, and Durability

Easy To Clean
Deep sloped basins with a drain at every bay eliminates the possibility of water pooling and bacteria growth. This makes for efficient draining functionality and easy-to-clean surfaces.
Safety Assurance
Our sinks provide a standard thermostatic mixing valve and optional tepid water mixing valve for the eyewash keeping your staff safe.
Low Cost of Ownership
Skytron's stainless scrub sinks will not corrode because we use high-quality stainless steel throughout the entire structure of the sink.



Stainless Clean-Up Stations

The Perfect Height-Adjustable Solution For a Busy Processing Department

Stainless Clean Up Stations














Our height-adjustable processing sinks complement your disinfection processes and offer either right to left or left to right workflow capabilities. We offer single, dual, or triple basins to fit your exact needs.


Cleaner Work Environment
With our laser-etched gallon markings, there are fewer areas for bacteria to hide.
Alleviate Physical Stress
Skytron's Processing Sinks have a height-adjustable option ranging from 35"-42".

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