Washer Disinfectors

Sterile Processing Departments are constantly striving to increase productivity, making the best use of available floor space and driving efficiency.  Skytron’s Sterling Series washer disinfectors streamline and automate the decontamination process – bringing unsurpassed efficiency and flexibility by reducing utility consumption and maximizing the usable floor space. 



Sterling P1000 Washer Disinfector


  • The P1000 uses 64% less water and chemicals than other washers
  • With 40 fully customizable cycles and intuitive touchscreen controls allow for editing parameters for pre-wash, wash, rinse or dry phases
  • The P1000 has a smaller footprint and offers more throughput than other washers



Sterling P1800 Washer Disinfector

  • The P1800 can save you up to 50% in chemical and sewage costs due to less water consumption
  • Edit and customize cycle parameters to meet your needs as well as document all cycle performances electronically to comply with Medical Device IFU's
  • Best throughput cycle in the least amount of space 




Automated Chemical System for Washer-Disinfectors

EZCHEM can supply instrument cleaning, drying and lubrication chemistries to any washer-disinfector, instrument washer, ultrasonic washer, cart washer, and more. The system utilizes industry-recognized Knight peristaltic pumps and controller with a patent-pending auto-filling EZChem reservoir to eliminate the handling and transport of harsh chemical concentrates. The modular design of the EZCHEM allows the system to readily adapt to your chemical distribution requirements.



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